The idea of a Prenuptial Agreement may seem far from romantic.  On the other hand, if you are considering a prenuptial agreement, you are considering the opportunity to talk about financial decisions in a calm and logical manner prior to the wedding date.  At the Law Office of James L. Green, P.A., we suggest that the Prenuptial Agreement be discussed, drafted and finalized months prior to the wedding date.  It can be less awkward and stressful to discuss financial issues with your future spouse-- as opposed to your future ex-spouse.

We can discuss your concerns, help you choose the best strategy, and draft an enforceable Prenuptial Agreement.  If you are interested in learning more about a prenuptial agreement, call our office at (561) 746-7900 to arrange your consultation with attorney James L. Green, Esq.

A Prenuptial agreement can offer stability, predictability and protection for your assets against the possibility of a high net worth divorce. You can rest a little easier knowing your finances have been addressed in a Prenuptial Agreement.